Join with me and a group of others every other week for Zoom meet ups and a Facebook group for ongoing discussion.   This is absolutely free.  Typically the books will be nonfiction.   Our next club will start in 2024.   Want to suggest a book?!  Please do!

“Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world.”  Napoléon Bonaparte

let's learn together

Take real steps towards creating the life you want.

Feel inspired + Energized

I see you out there.  You have a niggling suspicion that there is more to life.  You want more from your job, your relationships, and from yourself.   Yet you keep repeating the same behavior patterns and (not surprisingly!) getting the same results.

What if I told you that there IS more?   That you have the ability to break those patterns and learn new ones.   I am here to coach you through the process.   We won't sit by and watch life happen to us.

We will decide ahead of time how we are going to approach our days. 

Life will continue to happen around you, the good and the bad, but you will be prepared.   Big uncomfortable transitions?   You got this!   

You, my friend, are fearfully and wonderfully made.   Let's find the truest you.

I used to feel so overwhelmed with life.   When changes were on coming I dreaded every step of the process.  Often times I found that once I got to the other side, things were quite pleasant.  

Oh, how much time was wasted in fretting the unknown.  Now?  I have the tools to realize how much agency I have over my thoughts.   I am so better equipped to enjoy life.  I would love to help you embrace YOUR life! 

I've been where you are right now.

I'm sally f phillips, life coach.

Elisa G. 

Sally is a reliable and compassionate confidant.   She doesn't tell me what to do but asks me questions that help me see what I should be doing.  Her demeanor always bring me down from a highly emotional position.  

Sherry P.

Sally is an awesome listener.  She provides genuine feedback.  She has a way of guiding without making it a hard line.   Personally, she's always seeking to be better while wanting to help others be better, but specific to their own lives.  

If you don't feel this program is the right fit for you after the first two weeks of live calls, I'll give you a full refund. You can feel secure that you're not investing in something you might not enjoy.

I guarantee it.

You'll love it.

Once you take the first step, you'll never look back.

life will bring changes and challenges.   

It's time to get started.

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