You can face your future with hope!   You don't need to  fear the changes that are a natural part of life.  I'm here to support you as you learn how to manage your thoughts, feelings and actions in a way that makes you proud of how you show up for life.  

It's time for a positive change.

I'm a life coach, and I can help.

Are you ready?  Ready to take control of your life....your job, your dreams, your health, and your time?
I help motivated women discover what holds them back, what keeps them repeating patterns of behavior.  I also teach you how to discover moments of wonder in every single day.  
Passion, purpose and joy....let's go mining for MORE.  

I'm here to help you be the best you.

I'm sally f phillips, life coach.

How we can work together to achieve your goals in life:

We will work to identify a specific goal for our time together.   You will get homework to ensure that you can practice your skills.   We will also reflect on how your time between sessions went.   This will be a 12 week commitment.  

Work with me solo in weekly zoom calls.

option one

You can often find me reading MULTIPLE books.  Reading together provides a level of accountability and life-application opportunities.  
Book clubs are free.  If you even THINK you might be interested, click below.

book studies! 

Option two

Elisa G.  

Sally is a reliable and compassionate confidant.   She doesn't tell me what to do but asks me questions that help me see what I should be doing.   Her demeanor always brings me down from a highly emotional position.  

Sherry p.

Sally is an awesome listener.  She provides genuine feedback.   She has a way of guiding without making it a hard line.  It's like friendly advice with some context behind it.   Personally, she's always seeking to be better while wanting to help others be better, but specific to their own lives.  

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